A key feature of the Club is access to friendly support, advice and friendship.

The Club offers a network of mutual support which will enable you to build upon your paddling skills and to learn more about paddling equipment, ranging from boats, throw ropes, to clothing to wear.

Whilst your membership provides a monthly newsletter and access to insurance there are other benefits. The regular monthly club paddles, novice improvement paddles, the occasional information nights, special dinners and pool nights provide access to a range of practical experiences for members which can only serve to improve their level of skill and expertise.

Membership costs for those with basic skills is $45 per annum.  Plus a registration fee payable to Canoe Victoria of approximately $75

To find out more about membership and how you can make the most out of what the club has to offer please telephone  Bernard on 039729 1538.


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Congratulations to Ruth Gray who was presented with the Clubperson of the Year trophy for the 2014/2015 year. The presentation was made at the AGM...

Committee Members

President: William Silcox

Vice president: David Boulton

Secretary: Bernie Boulton

Treasurer: Ruth Gray

Tour Leader: Mark Cronan

Editor:     Tony Latham

Conservation Officer: Eric Jeffrey

Member:  Neville Naismith.